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We Played Hard & Partied Harder....





Scott Hochstadt

Buffalo Bandits (NLL)/Maryland 99 (Balt.) 4x All American; ACC MVP; ripped 4 nets in Chicago with his shot!!!!

Andy Lopatin

MAB Paints/Wash. College '98  (Phila.) 4x All American; takes it to the cage; great feeder
Attack Big John Chescavage Black Banana L.C./Penn State '99  (Phila.) Scorer & assist leader; rumored to have the hardest shot-> Scott?
Attack Rippy Saling Greensboro '98 (L.A.) Great all around player- parties 'til dawn & plays all day!
Attack Howard Alperin Hollywood L.C./Ithaca (L.A.) Hawaii Tourney MVP (beat out Gary Gait)
Attack Steve Wisman Redhook L.C. (Seattle) Solid player; great wife!
Attack Mark Allman Palo Alto L.C. (San Fran.) Best player with a hangover; ask about last year & the police horse....
Midfield Erik Osberg Maryland 99 (Conn.) Captain '99 MD team; wheels & will be a points leader
Midfield Matt Domenick Quaker L.C./West Chester '97 (Phila.) All American; silky moves; great feeder
Midfield Adi Taylor Barbary Coast L.C. (San Fran.) Lightning speed; tenacious defense
Midfield (faceoff) Marc Bissell Seattle L.C.  (Seattle) Gives 110%; ground ball leader
Midfield Scott Bissell Blue Collar Saloon L.C. (Seattle) Rumored to be the better of the Bissell brothers....Wow!
Midfield Gary Schick HLC/Hobart (Phila.) Great cuts to the cage; lit it up in Lake Placid
Midfield Hugo Gallo Barbary Coast L.C. (San Fran.) 'Energizer Bunny'- never quits!
Midfield Lawrence Barber Australian Pub L.C. (San Diego) Endurance, great defense, speed & team designated driver
Midfield (faceoff) Brian Griffin Black Banana L.C. (Phila.) Face off demon; team leader
Midfield Matt Cone Redhook L.C./Ithaca (Seattle) Icon of lacrosse- he lives & breaths the sport- top condition & always has a good showing!
Midfield Steve Weber Palo Alto L.C. (San Fran.) Leader off the field- be careful where you follow him to- ask about last year & the police horse....


Hamilton Pollard

Albany Attack (NLL)/Black Banana L.C./Penn State '99 (Phila.) One of the best defenseman around; team leader
Defense Chris Heim Maryland L.C./Goucher (Balt.) Great fundamentals; 'Titanium' defense
Defense Stas' Kotula MAB Paints/Drexel (Phila.) Last minute acquisition; tenacious defender!
Defense Anthony Spinelli HLC/Penn State (Phila.) Solid all-around; great position player
Defense Doug Carl Lacrosse Coach- Marietta College, Ohio May have lost a step- but makes up for it with great technique
Defense Darren Gaspary Barbary Coast L.C. (San Fran.) Great on the crease; will definitely lead the late night party patrol with Rippy


Mike Tabasso

Turk's Head L.C./West Chester '97 (Phila.) Great Goalie = out of control = Mike


Harry Mazaheri

Turk's Head L.C./Wash. & Lee '78 (Phila.)                    Been playing since the sticks were all wood- including the heads?!!!!


Taz Brown

Legend for many reasons Has special skills few if any can match!


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Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Harford Win the '06 ALL Championship
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '06 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '06 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Master's Team Wins the '05 Hawai'i Invitational
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '05 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '05 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Elite Team Wins the '04 Hawai'i Invitational
*Monkeys Women Win the '04 Lake Placid Tourney
**Monkeys Women Win the '04 Big Apple Shootout
***Monkeys- Northwest Win the '04 PNLA-B Championship
****Monkeys Women Win the '04 Mardi Gras Tourney
*****Monkeys- Grand Masters Win the the '04 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
******Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
*******Monkeys Win the Inaugural e-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament (8/26/03)
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