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MG '02 Invite
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'02 Celebration
'02- Bourbon St.
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MG '02 Invite



Monkeys to Congregate for their 4th Mardi Gras Invitational Lacrosse Tourney

Scene From Mardi Gras '01- Pimpin Ain't Easy!

Tournament Details: 

bulletMonkeys to Have Many New Players from All Over the USA-> 8 states! 
bulletStaying at our favorite hotel:
bulletAndrew Jackson Hotel [919 Royal St., (504) 561-5881 or (800) 654-0224]
bulletRooms reserved 2/14-18
bullet1 Block from Bourbon St. & four (4) blocks to Pat O'Brien's! 
bulletHotel Web Site: http://www.frenchquarterinns.com/  
bulletTourney Dates:
bulletFriday, February 15th to Sunday, February 17th
bulletMost players arrive on Thursday, February 14th & leave Monday, February 18th
bullet16 Club Teams Entered (as of 2/4/02):
bulletTourney Party on Friday night- TBD
bulletTeam 'Warm-Up' party on Saturday night-> Andrew Jackson Hotel Courtyard
bulletTraditional Team Dinner Sunday Night at Acme Oyster House
bulletBud truck at fields
bulletTeam supplied beads!
bulletMap to Fields: http://www.creasemonkeys.com/MardiGras/MardiGras02Map.htm
bulletGames  (Matches TBD):
bulletFriday afternoon game
bulletTwo Games on Saturday
bulletAt least one game on Sunday (done in time to make a 6PM flight)
bulletAll sixteen (16) teams play on Friday- top eight (8) teams make the Championship bracket with seeding done after Friday's games
bulletWinners play at 11AM & 3PM on Saturday; Losers at 9AM & 1PM!
bulletCommitted players include players from the West Coast (San Francisco; L.A. & San Diego) and from the East Coast (Baltimore; Philadelphia & New York; Rochester & Washington D.C.)
bulletGoal: Have a great time & play lacrosse!!!!
bulletMardi Gras Links:
bullet New Orleans Lacrosse Club


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Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Harford Win the '06 ALL Championship
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '06 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '06 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Master's Team Wins the '05 Hawai'i Invitational
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '05 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '05 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Elite Team Wins the '04 Hawai'i Invitational
*Monkeys Women Win the '04 Lake Placid Tourney
**Monkeys Women Win the '04 Big Apple Shootout
***Monkeys- Northwest Win the '04 PNLA-B Championship
****Monkeys Women Win the '04 Mardi Gras Tourney
*****Monkeys- Grand Masters Win the the '04 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
******Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
*******Monkeys Win the Inaugural e-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament (8/26/03)
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