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Tokyo Lodging '02
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Keio U./Monkeys
Tokyo Lodging '02



Monkeys/Monkeyettes to Stay in Japan's Largest Hotel by the Shores of Tokyo Bay


Hotel Details:
Shinagawa Prince Hotel
With breathtaking views of the city and Tokyo Bay, the Shinagawa Prince Hotel is located at the southern gateway to the Tokyo metropolis with immediate access to the bustling Shinagawa Station.

Besides its convenient location, this impressive multi-functional hotel complex offers a wide array of services. In addition to 3,008 guest rooms, the three-towered hotel contains an indoor swimming pool, bowling center, indoor tennis courts and an indoor golf center.

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  • Roppongi:
  • Ginza:
  •  Shibuya:
  • The Area

    Once a thriving fishing village, Shinagawa's main trade gave way to services catering to travelers. Inns and teahouses flourished as samurai and monks alike flocked to the area.

    Today, centuries later, the inns and teahouses have given way to modern hotels and transportation systems - and visitors are still coming to stay at the first-class hotels, conduct business, and wander through the temples and museums that surround the bustling transportation hub of Shinagawa Station.

    Within the Hotel Complex
    bullet Marvel at the magnificent stained glass in the main lobby, as well as the beautiful lithographs in all the rooms of the New Tower. They were created by the famous French artist Jean Pierre Cassigneul.
    bullet Save yourself for the great buffets at Hapuna restaurant - breakfast, lunch and dinner. (New Tower)
    bullet Sample the delicious pastry and desserts at the Mauna Kea coffee shop. Continental breakfast is also available. (New Tower)
    Sightseeing Nearby
    bullet Wing Takanawa - A fashionable Shopping Arcade located next to the hotel.
    bullet Yatai Mura - Visit a Japanese-style food court. (2-minute walk)
    bullet Yakata Bune - A popular Japanese-style dinner cruise on Tokyo Bay.
    bullet Hara Bijutsukan - One of the best places to see cutting-edge, contemporary art in Tokyo. The museum's cafe serves good food and you can dine in the garden during summertime. (15-minute walk from Shinagawa Station)
    bullet Sengaku-ji - This famous temple known to every Japanese, contains the graves of the 47 ronin and their lord. (15 minutes north of Shinagawa Station)
    bullet Tozen-ji - A lovely Zen temple tucked away on a quiet alley lined with willow trees. (5-minute walk from Sengaku-ji)
    bullet Hatakeyama Memorial Museum - One of the best museum settings in Tokyo, this is a must-see for anyone seriously interested in the tea ceremony and its arts. (5-minute walk from the hotel)
    bullet Tei-en Museum - The only remaining Art Deco building in Tokyo, this museum is the former residence of Prince Asaka. Bring a picnic lunch and eat in the French and Japanese gardens. (5-minute walk from Meguro Station)
    Shopping and Entertainment
    bullet Ebisu - Chic and trendy in recent years, this district is famous for the popular Yebisu beer (now produced in tandem with Sapporo beer). Ebisu Garden Palace is a massive shopping / hotel / office / entertainment complex filled with countless shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and beer gardens. (15 minutes by JR line)
    bullet Roppongi - Famous for its nightlife, world and Japanese cuisine, Roppongi is a favorite place for Westerners to frequent. (15 minutes by car)
    bullet Ginza - Those looking for large department stores, small exclusive boutiques and excellent restaurants can find them all right here. (8 minutes by subway)
    bullet Shibuya - One of Tokyo's trendiest districts, Shibuya is known for its premiere fashion and design buildings - great for shopping. (11 minutes by JR line)
    bullet Akihabara - Visitors come here to wheel and deal in discounted electronic products. (20 minutes by subway)
    bullet Yuraku-Cho - Besides coming here for authentic ramen and soba, this shopping area is a good place to see movies and get tourist information. (10 minutes by subway)



    Shinagawa Prince Hotel
    10-30, Takanawa 4-chome
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8611

    Phone: 81-3-3440-1111
    Fax: 81-3-3441-7092
    Reservations Phone: 81-3-3449-9844
    Reservations Fax: 81-3-5421-7888

    Hotel Website: Shinagawa Prince Hotel


    Hope to See You in November!!!

    Aloha Kakou!!!!


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