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Crease Monkeys Visited Tokyo

February 12, 2014

The Crease Monkeys visited Tokyo from February 12-18, 2014-- playing a series of games against the Japanese National Team. In addition, the Team conducted clinics.

Current News

Crease Monkeys Win the '12 Berlin (Germany) Lacrosse Tourney

June 16, 2012


In their first visit to the Berlin Tourney the Crease Monkeys vanquished all opponents to emerge victorious.

Other Events

Crease Monkeys win the '09 Hawai'i Invitational

November 1, 2009

The Crease Monkeys won a hard fought championship game in what is certainly the best lacrosse tourney anywhere!


Exceptional Lacrosse

Worldwide Ambassadors-at-Large for the Sport: 日本語


Countries Visited to Promote the Sport of Lacrosse:



Czech Republic






New Zealand



Winners of Many of the Preemininent Lacrosse Tournaments:

Hawai'i Invitational Lacrosse Tourney: '09, '07 (Elite & Master's); '06 (Elite, Master's & Women's), '04, '03 (Elite & Master's), '01 & '00

Berlin Open (Germany): 2012

Surfer's Paradise Lacrosse Tourney (Australia)

e-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tourney

Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tourney: '10, '03, '02' '01

Great Chicago Shootout








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